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yourfund™ has been engineered especially for Health Funds to make lives easier for insurers and their members.

The app enhances members’ experiences with the easy-to-use claiming functionality, while providing you with the ability to gain an insight into your customer and member interactions.

Communicate directly with your customer
Gain crucial knowledge to member interactions
Serve targeted campaigns to increase sales and online conversions
Provide a platform for members to make their interactions with your brand simple
A unique service to your members providing a full suite of features, and growing...
Fully maintained solution using a cost effective subscription model
Highly secure platform, compliant with ISO 27001, industry standard encryption for extra data protection
Tailored specifically to your brand and personality

Your Architecture

The yourfund™ app is a complete solution for health funds.


Custom skins

The app interface is delivered to you fully customised with all your own branding elements - such as logos, colours and images.

Custom content

You have full control of all pages as well as promotional banners to deliver customized content to promote targeted offers to your members.

Real-time updates and push notifications

Your members can be instantly notified of any changes and updates to their claims as well as other targeted communications and promotions.

Device compatibility

Our API offers a flexible architecture with the capacity to integrate with third party systems including HAMBS and E5. We constantly optimize our code base to meet the demands of the latest mobile operating systems.

Your Console

The yourfund™ Console provides your claim managers with all the information and tools they need to streamline the claiming process. Marketing teams will have the ability to gain a better insight into member behaviour.






Policy Updates


Claim Processing and Auditing




Member Communications

Your other standard features

Managed page content enables page and menu level information entered into the app-controller to be served to the yourfund™ app. Managed page content enables page and menu level information entered into the app-controller to be served to the yourfund™ app.

Managed page content

Managed page content enables page and menu level information entered into the app-controller to be served to the yourfund™ app.

Background alerts

Providing a push notification on the device, they can be triggered to individual members as a claim’s status changes, or also notify numerous members of a specific profile.

Data upload connector

The data upload connector allows structured data to be uploaded from CSV format to the app controller.


Online analytics is available to track everything from behaviour through to the type of devices used.

Version management

Should a new version of the yourfund™ app be required for critical business enhancements, the app version management allows you to force an update when the app is used.

Policy details

Member policy details are required during the registration. Basic member details can also be changed directly.

What members are saying

So much easier than claiming through the website. Easy and simple to use! Using a Samsung phone.

Georgina Close

Works perfectly, lodged a claim straight away without any problems and received email confirmation within minutes. Very impressed.

Mel Barrett

Very useful Was about to go out to get an envelope and stamps for a claim. This app made it super easy.

Jeremy A

Great App This App makes lodging my claims so easy and is really simple to use. It's a great idea!

Darren Harris

Easy to use Quick and simple to find info and great way to claim on the go.

Geoffrey Brown

Doctor Health Fund quick simple effective.

Lindsay Smith

Want to simplify your members' experiences, gain insight and communicate directly with them?

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